Credits and Terms of Distribution

This electronic version of Visions Beyond the Veil is for NON-COMMERCIAL use only! It may be reproduced on CD or published on the web, but must not be sold.

Many thanks to Sovereign World Publishing and Rolland Baker for granting permission to publish this electronic version.

Chapters 1 through 10, the Introduction, and the Foreword, are from Sovereign World's edition of VBTV.

Chapters 11 and 12 are from an early non-copyrighted edition of VBTV (the Sovereign World edition did not include chapters 11 and 12).

This HTML version was created by Curtis Lee Hall
Amen and

The following is an excerpt from an email received from Rolland Baker granting permission to produce VBTV in a non-commercial electronic format:


====== Forwarded Message ======
Date: 4/13/04 10:58 PM
Received: 4/13/04 3:07 PM -0700
From: Tim Pettingale
To: Rolland Baker

Thanks for your note. No problem - I am happy for the text to be used on the net as you think appropriate. Yes, it can be a sensitive area for publishers, but I trust you implicitly and trust your judgement on this
one. Go ahead and put it out there.
====== End Forwarded Message ======

The above is from my editor at Sovereign World giving me permission to pass on to you Sovereign's edition of Visions Beyond the Veil, including my foreword. Be careful and discreet with it. You can format it as you like for the web, and Tim said I could give it to friends to distribute on CDs on a private, noncommercial basis.

So I have attached a .zip file with the Word documents that Sovereign sent to me...

May Jesus do what He likes with these files, and bless you in your work for Him!

Much, much love and appreciation,


Rolland Baker is the grandson of H.A. Baker. Read about Rolland's ministry at: