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A Wilderness Voice in Search of a City
Incredible site about true Christianity.

Arthur Blessitt
The man who walked the cross through every nation

Shepherd Serve and the Teaching Ministry of David Servant

Erik the Flute Maker
Great place to get a bamboo flute and support a missionary friend

Fontana Studio
Another friend who makes wood flutes

Answers in Genesis
A very thorough creation science website

Desire to send Bibles to China for only $3 each?
Then please contact me for more information.

The Bible League
Great place to send Bibles all over the world for $4 each.

Christian Aid
Great place to support indigenous missionaries

Concerned Women for America
Largest women's organization in America

Church Happens
We need to be the church

David Wilkerson - Pulpit Series Newsletters
Preacher from The Cross and the Switchblade

Family Room Media
Makers of the award winning film 'Church Outsied the Walls'.
Many former pastors speak out in this video series.
Watch part 1 for free online.

The Free Believers Network
From a former pastor of one of the largest churches in America.

Free Downloadable Bibles

The Glorious Church
A site about biblical church structure

Gathered in His Name
Another site about what 'church really is

The Man-Made Church by Frank L. Preuss
A book that gives you a whole lot to think about.

Gospel for Asia
Another great place to support missionaries

His Kingdom - Kingdom Financess
The unbiblical monetary tithe! Another religious lie

The House Church Network

Jeremiah Films
Good place for interesting Christian films

Kathryn Kuhlman
Memorial to Kathryn and her healing ministry

Life Stream Ministries
Author of many books, including 'So You Don't Want to go to Church Anymore?'.
Hosted by a former pastor.

The Pocket Testament League
Great place to get gospel handouts

Prepare His Way
All about the extreme apostasy of the modern so-called church

House Church and Home Church Resources
Many authors on this site.

The God Journey
Listen to some excellent podcast!
Hosted by two former pastors.

The late Larry Norman 1947-2008
In memory of a really neat brother.

Save Each One
My friend Sapna's ministry to the underprivileged of the world, including victims of sex trafficking.

The School of Christ
Hosted by Chip Brogden.

Servant Quarters
The book 'The Jesus Style' is a must read!

Silent Scream
WARNING! Site that shows what abortion really is

Baby Choice: with Melody Green
Prolife YouTube video, endorsed by President Ronald Reagan
Viewer discretion strongly advised.

Tent Maker Ministries
Will everyone be reconciled to God through Jesus (Col1:20)? No hate mail please.
What did the early church and what does the Bible have to say about this?
Can UR people be REAL Christians? See for yourself. Also check out...
Hope Beyond Hell

Site full of info on what is biblical Christianity.
If you do nothing else, read 'Who are the Clergy?'

Truth Off the Hook

The Voice of the Martyrs
The persecution of the church around the world

Unbanned Bible Publications
from two of my friends in South Africa

Walter Martin
Great information on the cults

Warriors for Christ Online
Native American Christian site

Watchman Nee Books Online

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