In the Presence of Angels

Whenever the children experienced the Holy Spirit in power they became acutely aware of the presence of angels.

Angels play an important role in the work of the Holy Spirit. According to 1 Corinthians 14:32 they are involved in words of prophecy in some way. John was given his visions on Patmos by an angel (Revelation 1:1, 10). Visions and prophecy are therefore key areas in which angels are involved.

The Bible suggests that each true church has a special angel which ministers to it (Revelation 1:20) as does every person who is saved (Hebrews 1:14, Acts 12:15). Every child is under the direct protection of an angel with constant access to the throne of God in heaven (Matthew 18:10). Despite the fact that we rarely see angels, they always see us. There are different ranks of angels.

There is enough proof in both the Old and New Testaments to confirm that the angels the children at Adullam saw were real. We have already described the visions the children had of angels rescuing children who were being dragged to hell by demons. It would seem then that angels help to save the lost. Since angels led the children to heaven and escorted them through the streets of Paradise it would appear that they have something to do with the visions the children were given at Adullam. As most of the children who spoke in other languages did so when they were dancing and singing with the angels it may be that angels have something to do with speaking in other languages, for according to 1 Corinthians 1:13 it is possible to speak with the ‘tongues of angels´.

The children also had wonderful visions of large numbers of angels flying in the heavens, and sometimes they saw them fly from heaven to earth.

Angels at Adullam

At times when the presence of the Holy Spirit was there in power, the children saw angels actually in the room or nearby. When they felt under attack by demons they saw angels come to rescue them.

On occasions when there was a very strong sense of the presence of the Lord bringing deep harmony and love into the meeting, the children saw a large angel above the room and many smaller angels standing side by side, each touching the other to the right and left, entirely surrounding the room so there was no space left for any demon to creep in. On these occasions, when one or more children saw the troop of angels guarding us, there were never any visions of demons in the room, as on other occasions was frequently the case. One evening when the angel guard surrounded us in perfect rank the children said they could hear demons outside the circle making an angry commotion because they were thwarted in this way. This circle of angels was also seen by the boys in Kotchiu.

I shall never forget the amazing sense of the presence of God that was in those meetings when the children saw the angel watching over us. This angel looked down on us smiling and turned from side to side to look at the circle of angels surrounding us to make sure there was no possible entry point for the powers of darkness. I wondered if the angel above us was Adullam´s special angel and if the smaller angels of lesser rank were our individual guardian angels. At any rate, the children saw the angels. Their eyes were usually closed when they saw them, but sometimes they saw them with their eyes wide open. We could believe without question that we were indeed in the presence of angels.


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