The Inspired Word of God

For Christ and His apostles the fact that prophecy was fulfilled proved that the Bible was the inspired Word of God. As we experienced the Holy Spirit move in power at Adullam we too became more than ever convinced of this. We saw these ten biblical prophecies regarding the coming of the Holy Spirit being fulfilled in the lives of the children:

· believers would be baptized in the Holy Spirit;

· they would speak in languages they did not know;

· they would prophesy under the direction of the Holy Spirit;

· they would be given revelations about ‘the things of God´;

· they would know ‘the things to come´;

· they would be born again by the Holy Spirit and know that they were children of God;

· ‘young men shall see visions´;1

· demons would be cast out;

· the sick would be miraculously healed;

· hearts would be changed so that the children of God loved what once they hated, and hated what once they loved.2

God´s ways

Since ‘God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise´ (1 Corinthians 1:27) we should remember that God did not use people with natural ability or education to write the Bible. An uneducated Amos or Peter or John, inspired by God, was able to write more profoundly than the wisest people of this world.

God is still using simple uneducated people today, and the fact that He chose to reveal Himself to the children at Adullam is, for me, another proof of the validity of the Word of God. Jesus still says,

‘I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure.´ (Matthew 11:25)

These Chinese children did not learn these wonderfully profound revelations but they received them through their open hearts, to corroborate what has already been written in the Word of God.

Eye witnesses of past biblical events

The Holy Spirit showed us how Bible writers may have gained an eyewitness knowledge of events which had happened some time in the past. One of our boys who was naturally slow and not very able was on more than one occasion an eyewitness ‘in the Spirit´ to some of the main historical events of both the Old and New Testaments. He saw the plagues in Egypt: the frogs in Pharaoh´s palace, the flies in his food, the locusts, the eldest son dead with the whole family in mourning. He also saw Elijah and Elisha cross the Jordan, the chariots of fire, and Elijah being taken up to heaven, as well as Daniel in the lions´ den being protected by angels and other Old Testament events.

He was also given visions of the miracles of Christ. He saw the temptations of the Lord, with the devil in the form of a handsome young man leading Jesus to a high mountain and in vision showing Him the kingdoms of the world. He was shown angels following Jesus wherever He went, as well as visions of Christ walking on the water, healing the sick and giving sight to the blind. Along with some others this boy also saw the passion of the Lord Jesus, His resurrection and His ascension.

At first I wondered about these visions of past events. I then remembered that with God there is no past, present and future. He is the great ‘I AM´. Since the Holy Spirit is His Spirit, through visions and other revelations, the past, present and future may, in God´s economy, be made ‘present´ to any individual the Lord chooses.

These revelations of the past to us at Adullam corroborate the inspiration of the Bible. It was easy for God to take Moses and others in visions through events in the past or in the future as eyewitnesses, and for them to be able to record the past.

Recording revelations from God

The Holy Spirit showed us how some parts of the Bible were written down. When the children were ‘in the Spirit´ describing scenes they were seeing, the Spirit caused one boy, who was also in a trance, to sit down and go through the motions of writing item by item what the others were seeing and describing. In that way we saw how easy it was for God to write the Bible. One person could record what another saw and described.

If God could do this with simple uneducated children from the streets of China or remote mountain tribes, it must have been just as easy for him to do it with a Barak or any other person of His choosing.

The fact that men and women in the past were moved by the Holy Spirit and prophesied, and were given visions as Isaiah was ‘in the year that King Uzziah died´, must mean that they can still do so today. They can still be caught up in the Spirit and see the unseen worlds beyond the veil. The same God is still on the throne, reigning over the same world, dealing with the same kind of evil hearts, through the same sort of people, with the same kind of dispositions and passions that Elijah had.

In our own stubborn and unbelieving generation the Lord can and will prove that what He has written in the Bible is the Word of the living God. Among those who believe in Him He can and does move in supernatural ways through gifts of the Holy Spirit, confirming the word with signs following (Mark 16:15-20).


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